About the LeKowalli kennel!

My name is Elena - I am the owner of the Lekowalli kennel. LeKowalli kennel is engaged in dog breeds Biewer Yorkshire Terrier and Chocolate Yorkshire Terrier . This breed is a brandnew  breed of decorative companion dog, who swiftly are gaining popularity. Unlike most other breeds, they are ideal for the keeping in the apartment and did not cause allergies.

Biewer and Chocolate Yorkies become an ideal friend for you and your children. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to become the owner this wonder dog. The main priorities in breeding for me are health, temperament, and harmonious development.

Buying puppy in our kennel, you can always count on the advice and support for education, housing, feeding, care, exhibition training, breeding, canine registration documents BKO system as well as all necessary documents for dog worldwide shipping. Always sincerely glad to help and to answer all your questions!

On the website you can learn beforehand all the information you need about the breeder, selling puppies, see Photos of kennel life. Famillarity with our dogs will not leave you indifferent. I would be happy to receive your feedback about the kennel.

I wish you pleasant viewing! For more information about the kennel, you can find out by email or phone: +375 29 182 92 13 . Email: mep2006@yandex.ru